The SEO Process

The search engine optimization (or SEO) has become a common practice and specialized profession to for internet savvy generation. In layman terms, a website is like your business card; unless, it been distributed to your potential customers, it adds no value lying at your end. The SEO person helps make a network for your website to reach out to the audience.

There are various activities a SEO person would do to make your site visible to others. The first activity is to align your website and enable it to be searched by search engines. This process is refereed as doing an “on page” for the site. Post optimization of the site for the search engines, the SEO team has responsibility of announce the site on the net. This “announcement“ is done by submitting the website to various search engines and directories.

By announcing your website, you also welcome the search engines to visit your website and index it for the future searches. Popular search engines have their own algorithm to evaluate a website. Of course! it is in a direct interest for the search engines to display the most relevant sites base on user’s search quires.

The process of SEO is far more complex and is often ongoing. Also, the results are slow and very dependent on the way the search engine looks at websites. One of the important challenges of the SEO person is to align the website periodically with the best practices defined by search engines.
...posted on 28, Nov 2011

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